Your bone health…….and more!

By Lise Hurd Savaria
Specialist in natural supplements
Licensed Naturopath
Member Collège des naturopathes du Québec

In all the literature on calcium, there is a direct link to bone health. But in reality, when we mention calcium, it is imperative to mention other major physiological functions impacted by the regular addition of this wonderful element to our diet.

Essential in the formation of strong bones and teeth, important in maintaining healthy gums, calcium also helps in maintaining a healthy and regular heartbeat as well as nerve impulses and transmissions in the body. We now know that calcium has an impact on maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and helps in the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.

There’s a list of great importance to our overall health and well-being and not just for the health of our bones. It goes without saying that the choice of calcium takes on a very important role

These past few years, numerous studies have shown that liquid calcium provides the body with 90 to 98% of elemental calcium present in this form.

We now know that liquid solutions are more efficaceous thank most tablets or capsules currently available on the market and that, even taken in small doses, we obtain as much if not more calcium, with minimal waste.

The types of calcium to choose in a liquid supplement are lactate and gluconate, because these solutions are the most soluble. Furthermore, these two forms have the capacity to be assimilated by two key absorption sites in the small intestine, where you really want your supplements to be absorbed. This last piece is not to be overlooked; we must also take care of our intestines. And to think most people think only of calcium in terms of bone health !

A high quality supplement should contain calcium in liquid form and should ideally be accompanied by other elements that potentialize it, such as vitamine D and magnesium, liquid as well. This way, we ensure a maximum level of effectiveness to this precious metal.

It is essential to choose a form of calcium that has great absorption, because although we may consume great amount of this precious element, without its favourite sidekicks, magnesium and vitamin D, and in a form that limits its absorption by our body, we’d be taking this element for nothing.

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