Healthy facts

Living with chronic pain is complex. A person struggles to find optimal analgesia through drugs while balancing relief versus tolerability to the medication. In many cases the person is also faced with issues of potential drug addiction or physical dependence to the medication. For some people this battle is difficult because of the intolerable side effects of the medication. Could the solution be in the use of natural health products (NHP)?

Dr. Oz has natural alternatives to the most frequently prescribed medications. You may be able to treat acid reflux, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and more without a prescription.

Patients with acute or chronic pain conditions can turn to a natural approach as an alternative to synthetic drugs. But will herbs be able to partially or completely reduce pain within 48 hours? This is actually a pharmacological question and when it comes to pain relief, it is a YES or NO answer.

In all the literature on calcium, there is a direct link to bone health. But in reality, when we mention calcium, it is imperative to mention other major physiological functions impacted by the regular addition of this wonderful element to our diet.