Our story

Wampole : Trusted since 1893!

A century of success!

It’s hard to believe that 100 years of success started with Cod Liver Oil. In 1893, Henry K. Wampole and his partners moved production to Perth, Ontario and began manufacturing the popular liver extract. Over a century later, Wampole Brands Inc. is an enduring Canadian success story. Recognized as a Canadian leader in high-quality nutritional and herbal products, the Wampole name is associated with quality and value from coast-to-coast.

Our Promise

Today, consumers are taking greater responsibility for managing their own healthcare. There is a growing interest in disease prevention, nutrition and better management of chronic illnesses. Recognizing that stressful, fast-paced living can compromise nutrition and diet, consumers are embracing the healthy benefits of nutritional supplements and complementary therapies. Wampole is committed to supporting Canadians in the pursuit of total health and wellness.

Quality and innovation

Wampole has a product line that includes a wide range of herbal and nutritional supplements. Our formulas are scientifically based and reflect the most current healthcare research. Strict quality control measures and testing policies ensure the safety and purity of all our products. Now, more than ever, Wampole Brand products make sense. Dedicated to quality, service and value, Wampole is leading the way to a new century of health.