Valda, since 1904

An history of succes

Valda was created by French pharmacist Henri-Hedmond Canonnes, in 1904 to relieve cough and sore throat. Canonnes mission, as a pharmacist and an ambitious entrepreneur, was to sell quality. That’s why Canonnes set up a store on one of the busiest streets of his time at number 49, on the corner of Boulevard Sébastopol in Paris. In addition to a prime location, Canonnes developed the character of Doctor Valda and the iconic round metal box. The brand quickly gained popularity around the world.

More than 100 years later, Valda continues to be a huge success all around the world.

What created this historic success? 100% Natural active and tasteful ingredients and a strong desire to give a unique experience to customers, one lozenge at a time .


Valda offers distinctive and quality lozenges, thanks to their original flavours and soft texture. Made of 100% natural actives ingredients that relieve the irritation of the throat, nasal congestion and freshen the breath, Valda lozenges are offered in a unique case that last through the years. Valda’s lozenges are not medication or candy, they are the best of both worlds!


Valda never stepped back on customer needs over the last century. Each day, our team works their best to provide the finest product on the market. As time changed, Valda updated his packaging, keeping his lovable vintage look while always pushing its standards. That is why we now offer two reusable types of packaging, containing each 15 or 50 units. The new sachet and the original metal boxes are not only reusable but also provide choices to meet every customer’s needs.

A French heritage

French heritage is the essence of Valda’s brand. Valda’s products are impregnated with the French aristocratic luxury culture who is represented by our famous figure Doctor Valda. Valda’s has been made his debut in the aristocracy French culture by his emblematic character Doctor Valda. Since 1904, Valda’s continue to evolve throughout the French heritage, making a unique product and an unparalleled success on the market.

Since 1904, Valda continues and evolve our French heritage and French quality standard. Over the last century, we’ve made a unique product that is recognized and loved in the industry.

They say French is the language of love. Try Valda and you’ll fall in love instantly!