Health Partner for Canadian Families

Born from Wampole’s century-old pharmaceutical heritage, Adorable by Wampole, launched a new line of products that meet most of the daily needs of moms and their children.

Conceived locally in Canada (Quebec), the line of products made from natural active ingredients offers a simple, effective, and affordable solutions for the needs of young families. Providing the best for our children should be accessible to all!

Our mission:

Supporting moms at every stage of their journey.

Motherhood is a time of significant physical and emotional change; the new responsibilities can cause moms to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Our mission is to provide all moms with support thanks to our high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements, to help them navigate this important transition period in their lives. We wish to assist them in maintaining their health and well-being, as well as that of their little ones.

Whether it be before and during pregnancy, from baby’s first months, or throughout childhood, Adorable offers a variety of essential products in different dosage forms, including liquids, to make this journey easier and smoother.

Our commitment:


Continuing our pharmaceutical heritage by applying high manufacturing standards and strict quality control to offer high quality products that meet Health Canada standards.


Health Canada Natural Health Products Licenses

For the whole family

Products for everyday needs: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, Child Development, Immunity and Relief.

Ease of use

Chewable and liquid format ready to drink or mixed in the morning juice, taking Adorable supplements will become a real child’s play!

Good for your health and tastes great!

Our products contain no added sugar* or artificial colours and are free from main allergens.

*Some of our products may contain sugar coming from natural fruit juice. / Allergen-free products are labeled as such on their packaging.


Knowing that health is in part derived from a cleaner environment, we are proud to engage in a genuine environmental approach