Liquid Zinc

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Liquid Zinc



350 mL


 Contains 30 mg of Elemental Zinc per 15 mL

Helps maintain immune function

Helps in energy metabolism / connective tissue formation

Helps body’s ability to metabolize nutrients

Helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, nail and bones


Zinc is a trace mineral, meaning that the body only needs small amounts, and yet it is necessary for almost 100 enzymes to carry out vital chemical reactions. It is a major player in the creation of DNA, growth of cells, building proteins, healing damaged tissue, and supporting a healthy immune system. (1)

Wampole liquid Zinc for adults contains 30 mg of elemental zinc that helps maintain immune function, helps in energy metabolism, and helps maintain healthy skin, hair, nail and bones.

This is the perfect supplement plays an important role in normal growth and development and the maintenance of good health.

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Adults: 1 tablespoon (15 ml) per day

Per 15 mL

  • Elemental Zinc (as 83,33 mg of Zinc Sulfate, Monohydrate) …………………. 30 mg

(Alphabetical): Cane sugar, Citric acid, Natural butterscotch flavour, Potassium sorbate, Purified water, Sodium benzoate, Sodium chloride, Sucralose.

Zinc supplementation can cause a copper deficiency . If you are unsure whether you are taking enough copper, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.